Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Well today I had a bit of an epiphany (Ok maybe that's a bit OTT) but I really fancied writing a blog! Maybe it could be classed as procrastination, (more than likely) but I love reading blogs and I thought I'd give it a go and write about things I love, hate and my experiences as a twenty year old. Whether its what I'm cooking, wearing or where I'm travelling to I'm sure to blog about it.

I think now is probably the best time to tell you a little bit about myself, so here it goes!
-My name is Aycan, pronounced I-Jan
-I'm half Turkish which probably explains the weird and wonderful name I have!
-I am in my final year of university studying a degree in Business Management  
-I have started a diet every money of 2015 so far, chocolate seems to keep winning that battle!
So there we go a few facts about me!
Thanks for reading my first post, watch this space!
Aycan x

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